SUNKEN TREASURE Textural Spinning and Felting Batts with Camel Down and Teeswater Locks

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These luxury art batts are a real treat to spin. They have so many different lovely soft and textural fibers. There's merino (of course), teeswater locks, muga silk, and camel down along with a bit of dark blue angelina.

Most of the fibers are in multiple layers of thin stripes throughout the batts, but I kept all the locks on the top.

The last two photos show yarn I spun as a thick-and-thin singles from these art batts.

Name: Sunken Treasure
Weight: 2 ounces
Contents: Merino Wool 84%, 5% muga silk, 5% teeswater locks, 5% camel down, 1% angelina
Colors: Dark blue, yellow, light blue, pink, gold, chartreuse, beige, purple, lavender
Carding Style: Layers of thin stripes carded once
Uses: Spinning or Felting (94% feltable fibers) 

Please allow 3 business days for me to make these for you once you order them.

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