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These are emails and FB messages I have received from customers. These mean so much to me. It makes me happy to make you happy, and I have the best customers in the world! Thank you!

"Dear Carla, my squishy yarn was delivered today!! OMG!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!! I am in heaven!! Thank you soooo much!!
I think I will just have to cast on this evening even though there is still one WIP ahead of this! Your purple tones just rock my world!!"
Karen, 08/19/2021

"I received my skein of yarn beautiful today. I can’t wait to cast on a new project with it. Thanks and I will be back for more."
- Beth, 08/04/2021
"Your colors and yarn are the best I have ever worked with! You are truly a wonderful talent. Thank you for all you do."
- Pat, 7/16/2021

"My order arrived & I am SO GLAD I treated myself to this purchase - the colors are beyond glorious & I love the sparkle!!  You are dangerous for me - I like just about everything you create!!!  (don't wear earth tones, but you don't dye many).  Now, if only I could knit as fast as I buy more projects!!!!!"
- Mary, 11/21/2020
"The pics on website DO NOT do these fibers ANY justice!! They are beautiful hon and now I DON’T wanna do anything with them cause they’re just to dang pretty!! The lil sampler of the Scandie Batt is FABULOUS!! Thank you so much!!😊"
- Leslie. 09/23/2020
"I love my Jazz batts!"

- Judi, 09/18/2020

"Hello, Carla.  I received my first order from Purple Lamb and absolutely love your yarn.  Thanks for including the lavender scent ball and also the beautiful sample of mohair.  I will definitely tell my knitting friends about your yarn and your website."

     - Marilyn, 9/15/2020


"Thank you - the yarn is beautiful and I love the little sample alpaca that you included.  I have never used it before so I appreciate the opportunity to try something new!"

-Liz, 09/14/2020



"Gorgeous, and beautifully presented." 

- Judi, 09/13/2020


"Thank you for the beautiful batts!  Much appreciated."

- Laine, 09/12/2020


"Hey, there! Just wanted to reach out. I received my first order from you of 2 batts of Eowyn's Mantle. I can't take a picture that would do them justice, but I wanted you to know they are even prettier in real life than the photos! Thank you so much!"

- Lee-Ann, 09/03/2020


"I got the yarn today! It's even more gorgeous in person! I can't thank you enough!"

- Amber, 08/20/2020


"Hi! I just wanted you to know how much I like my pretty skein of Party Like It's 2021 on Sparkly Merino Sock. I put it next to my skein of sparkly Beautiful Universe and another skein of a tonal dark purple sparkle yarn and WOW!!! Now I'm looking for the best 3 color pattern I can find that will  use every bit of all 3 colors. This will be a showstopping project and so much fun to knit - Thank you for your artistry and God Bless You in Texas."

- Carolyn, 07/24/2020


"Hi Carla.....My yarn came today.  That seemed really fast. I just love it! The colors are even better in person!! Gorgeous!!! It is so soft.
Thank you again for your help. I liked my note and special mini "gift!" so thoughtful. Stay safe and healthy,"

 - Tamara, 07/24/2020


"I wanted to thank you again for the suggestion on the yarn. My shawl turned out beautifully and my friend loves it! 

I love your colors and appreciate how much effort and support you put into your company. I look forward to using your yarn again for another project soon."

- Emily, 02/22/2020


"I love that you are part of my village.  It takes a village to raise a yarn shop.  😊"

- Laura, Owner of Knitters Magic, 02/13/2020


"Hello Carla! I couldn’t resist getting one skein of your gorgeous new Beautiful Universe colorway in sparkly Merino sock! It was love at first sight :) Thanks for making such irresistibly pretty yarn!"

- Carolyn, 01/28/2020


"Just took a peek at this month's painting - that's going to make such delicious yarn!! I'm enjoying this club SO MUCH :)"

- Jennifer, 01/25/2020



"Ohhhh my. They are as beautiful and luxurious to touch as I imagined! The Mithril in Moria is spoken for as a pair of socks for a dear friend — it will be my first foray into sock-making! I couldn’t be happier to embark on that with such a beautiful yarn. The felt balls smell heavenly too! Thank you :)."

- Donna, 01/18/2020


"I ordered some yarn from you before the holiday, but only just started using it. Oh my, what joy your yarn brings me. I think that I have found my favorite fiber!  Thank you.  Eowyn's Mantle Sock Perfection is amazing."

- Sara, 01/04/2020


"Good morning, I have really been enjoying
the advent calendar and I’m on day 24. Just can’t quite seem to be on time with it but that’s OK. I love your colors and the scarf is beautiful. I also really liked how you included the pattern. So thank you very much."

- Shirley, 01/04/2020


"Stunningly Gorgeous! Tells a Romantic Tale of Gothic Elegance through color an texture. The feel of this is just Devine . . . I fear Felting or spinning will take away from the ‘’Floof’. The fibers are simply Luscious , the finest of all Middle-Earth. I envision a fantastic cowl to show off the deep blues and shimmering gold . . . If there is a way to wear this Batt “as is” please tell me!"

- Caroline, 01/03/2020


 "Here are a couple of pictures of my Sugar Plum Fairy wrap made from your 2019 Advent kit. Pattern Adventurer Wrap by Ambah O'Brien.  Really loved your yarn!!"

- Kellie, 12/31/2019


"Hi just received my Black Butterfly sock yarn & love it!!"

- Genevieve, 12/30/2019


 "Hi Carla! I just got the sparkly silver Mithril today an was so pleased ! The wool is just beautiful and truly sparkly. It will contrast beautifully with the sparkly dark wool I have. My sampler scarf will be beautiful! Thanks so much for all your help! Happy New Year!"

- Diana, 12/30/2019


 "This is Delphinia by Ambah O'Brian with Smitten and Nebula. I love how it turned out!"

 - Adriene, 12/23/2019


 "I just got my Vase of Roses hoodie construction kit and I am blown away! I love how the Q&CB took the dye. I am putting the boring sweater I was working on in time out right now and this is my next "Big Project!"

- Marla, 12/09/2019



"Yep everyone loves your yarn! See you soon."

- Amanda, Manager of Tempe Yarn, 12/04/2019


"Hi, Carla, My Advent kit arrived today and I’m so excited.  Thank you so much for the needle pouch, and I will be using it!  I just love all the little boxes and am looking forward to my daily treat beginning Dec. 1st. Sending best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

 - Diana, 11/20/2019


"Received!!  Gorgeous!!!!  And speedy delivery as usual!!! Thank you!!!  <3"

 - Hala. 03/19/2019


 "What excellent service and so personal!  Such a difference from dealing with big companies! You’re an excellent store owner! "

- Hala, 03/08/2019