These are emails and Facebook messages I have received from customers. These mean so much to me. It makes me happy to make you happy, and I have the best customers in the world! Thank you!
"Thank you thank you thank you for the most glorious box of color goodness!  The extra batt was so very kind of you!  I’m so excited to spend the weekend playing with it all! The fire and ice batt is beautiful! I’m going to try some different felting projects with that one in particular. I cannot say enough great things about you and your products. You're my favorite vendor for these luscious color ways!  Shipping, packing, and communication are always top notch with you!"
- Kelly, 1/20/2023

"I just wanted to tell you I am blown away by this month's batt. Ghirlandaio is one of my favorite Renaissance artists. Your colors are spot on and I can't wait to spin."
- Joy, 09/16/2022

"Received my first order from Purple Lamb - yarn got Sunflower Shawl / more gorgeous than I ever could have imagined. Softer than I’ve ever experienced! LOVE ❤️…Posted on my Instagram hope a lot of knitters enjoy.Also added gifts so surprising, cute, and thoughtful.You had me when the first purple ball fell out of the box. I look so forward to a continued relationship."
- Dawn, 9/15/2022

"Just wanted to let you know that I sat at my window waiting the the post to come to my drive after I received notice that it was out for delivery.  It arrived at 10:15 and I quickly put on my shoes and almost trotted to the box. To say that it does not disappoint is not enough.  The colors are so much more vibrant than I thought they would be....I am beyond pleased."
- Eve, 09/10/2022

"First of all my order for Periander Metalmark came today.  It has caused some problems.  I bought it to make something for my BFF.  How am I supposed to give this LUSCIOUS yarn to someone else?????  It is beyond gorgeous!!    It is soon soft for a SWM and nylon.  I  feel like I owe you more money.   I am sure these are worth more than I paid for them. "
- Natalie, 7/20/2022

"Yours is the only indie-dyed yarn that I've bought time and again due to your high standards, great colorways, and your thoughtfulness. Thanks to you."
- Mary Anne, 6/11/2022

"I love, love, love your yarn.  The feel, stitch definition, colors.  It is fantastic!"
- Cheryl, 4/4/2022

"Just received my Highland Heather art pack and all the extra goodies.You have excelled in your packaging and presentation.Thank you for your effort in making your product gorgeous.I paint Scottish scenes highland cows and sheep with the fibre. I’m so excited to get started.I certainly will be ordering more from you. Blessings, Isobel", 03/31/2022

"I just received my three skeins of yarn and wanted to thank you; the yarn is beautiful! But I really appreciate the free mini skein and the two sachet balls, plus your hand-written thank you note. All are nice touches!Have a great start to the new year!" - Jean, 01/04/2022


"It arrived today! I 💜💜💜 it! So incredibly soft! Thanks so much for such speedy delivery!" - Amy, 11/22/2021

"Dear Carla, my squishy yarn was delivered today!! OMG!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!! I am in heaven!! Thank you soooo much!!
I think I will just have to cast on this evening even though there is still one WIP ahead of this! Your purple tones just rock my world!!"
Karen, 08/19/2021

"I received my skein of yarn beautiful today. I can’t wait to cast on a new project with it. Thanks and I will be back for more."
- Beth, 08/04/2021
"Your colors and yarn are the best I have ever worked with! You are truly a wonderful talent. Thank you for all you do."
- Pat, 7/16/2021

"My order arrived & I am SO GLAD I treated myself to this purchase - the colors are beyond glorious & I love the sparkle!!  You are dangerous for me - I like just about everything you create!!!  (don't wear earth tones, but you don't dye many).  Now, if only I could knit as fast as I buy more projects!!!!!"
- Mary, 11/21/2020
"The pics on website DO NOT do these fibers ANY justice!! They are beautiful hon and now I DON’T wanna do anything with them cause they’re just to dang pretty!! The lil sampler of the Scandie Batt is FABULOUS!! Thank you so much!!😊"
- Leslie. 09/23/2020
"I love my Jazz batts!"

- Judi, 09/18/2020

"Hello, Carla.  I received my first order from Purple Lamb and absolutely love your yarn.  Thanks for including the lavender scent ball and also the beautiful sample of mohair.  I will definitely tell my knitting friends about your yarn and your website."

     - Marilyn, 9/15/2020


"Thank you - the yarn is beautiful and I love the little sample alpaca that you included.  I have never used it before so I appreciate the opportunity to try something new!"

-Liz, 09/14/2020



"Gorgeous, and beautifully presented." 

- Judi, 09/13/2020


"Thank you for the beautiful batts!  Much appreciated."

- Laine, 09/12/2020


"Hey, there! Just wanted to reach out. I received my first order from you of 2 batts of Eowyn's Mantle. I can't take a picture that would do them justice, but I wanted you to know they are even prettier in real life than the photos! Thank you so much!"

- Lee-Ann, 09/03/2020


"I got the yarn today! It's even more gorgeous in person! I can't thank you enough!"

- Amber, 08/20/2020


"Hi! I just wanted you to know how much I like my pretty skein of Party Like It's 2021 on Sparkly Merino Sock. I put it next to my skein of sparkly Beautiful Universe and another skein of a tonal dark purple sparkle yarn and WOW!!! Now I'm looking for the best 3 color pattern I can find that will  use every bit of all 3 colors. This will be a showstopping project and so much fun to knit - Thank you for your artistry and God Bless You in Texas."

- Carolyn, 07/24/2020


"Hi Carla.....My yarn came today.  That seemed really fast. I just love it! The colors are even better in person!! Gorgeous!!! It is so soft.
Thank you again for your help. I liked my note and special mini "gift!" so thoughtful. Stay safe and healthy,"

 - Tamara, 07/24/2020


"I wanted to thank you again for the suggestion on the yarn. My shawl turned out beautifully and my friend loves it! 

I love your colors and appreciate how much effort and support you put into your company. I look forward to using your yarn again for another project soon."

- Emily, 02/22/2020


"I love that you are part of my village.  It takes a village to raise a yarn shop.  😊"

- Laura, Owner of Knitters Magic, 02/13/2020


"Hello Carla! I couldn’t resist getting one skein of your gorgeous new Beautiful Universe colorway in sparkly Merino sock! It was love at first sight :) Thanks for making such irresistibly pretty yarn!"

- Carolyn, 01/28/2020


"Just took a peek at this month's painting - that's going to make such delicious yarn!! I'm enjoying this club SO MUCH :)"

- Jennifer, 01/25/2020



"Ohhhh my. They are as beautiful and luxurious to touch as I imagined! The Mithril in Moria is spoken for as a pair of socks for a dear friend — it will be my first foray into sock-making! I couldn’t be happier to embark on that with such a beautiful yarn. The felt balls smell heavenly too! Thank you :)."

- Donna, 01/18/2020


"I ordered some yarn from you before the holiday, but only just started using it. Oh my, what joy your yarn brings me. I think that I have found my favorite fiber!  Thank you.  Eowyn's Mantle Sock Perfection is amazing."

- Sara, 01/04/2020


"Good morning, I have really been enjoying
the advent calendar and I’m on day 24. Just can’t quite seem to be on time with it but that’s OK. I love your colors and the scarf is beautiful. I also really liked how you included the pattern. So thank you very much."

- Shirley, 01/04/2020


"Stunningly Gorgeous! Tells a Romantic Tale of Gothic Elegance through color an texture. The feel of this is just Devine . . . I fear Felting or spinning will take away from the ‘’Floof’. The fibers are simply Luscious , the finest of all Middle-Earth. I envision a fantastic cowl to show off the deep blues and shimmering gold . . . If there is a way to wear this Batt “as is” please tell me!"

- Caroline, 01/03/2020


 "Here are a couple of pictures of my Sugar Plum Fairy wrap made from your 2019 Advent kit. Pattern Adventurer Wrap by Ambah O'Brien.  Really loved your yarn!!"

- Kellie, 12/31/2019


"Hi just received my Black Butterfly sock yarn & love it!!"

- Genevieve, 12/30/2019


 "Hi Carla! I just got the sparkly silver Mithril today an was so pleased ! The wool is just beautiful and truly sparkly. It will contrast beautifully with the sparkly dark wool I have. My sampler scarf will be beautiful! Thanks so much for all your help! Happy New Year!"

- Diana, 12/30/2019


 "This is Delphinia by Ambah O'Brian with Smitten and Nebula. I love how it turned out!"

 - Adriene, 12/23/2019


 "I just got my Vase of Roses hoodie construction kit and I am blown away! I love how the Q&CB took the dye. I am putting the boring sweater I was working on in time out right now and this is my next "Big Project!"

- Marla, 12/09/2019



"Yep everyone loves your yarn! See you soon."

- Amanda, Manager of Tempe Yarn, 12/04/2019


"Hi, Carla, My Advent kit arrived today and I’m so excited.  Thank you so much for the needle pouch, and I will be using it!  I just love all the little boxes and am looking forward to my daily treat beginning Dec. 1st. Sending best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

 - Diana, 11/20/2019


"Received!!  Gorgeous!!!!  And speedy delivery as usual!!! Thank you!!!  <3"

 - Hala. 03/19/2019


 "What excellent service and so personal!  Such a difference from dealing with big companies! You’re an excellent store owner! "

- Hala, 03/08/2019