PIPPIN - Hand-Dyed Yarn that Did Something Unexpected

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In The Lord of the Rings, Pippin causes all sorts of trouble by doing unexpected things. He was the one who dropped a stone into the well in Moria. He was the one who looked in the Palantir and showed himself to Sauron.

I call yarn that behaves in an unexpected manner a Pippin. A Pippin is a skein of yarn just didn't turn out quite as expected. There's nothing wrong with the yarn, and it is often quite lovely--just unexpected. Just like the curious and fun-loving hobbit, yarn is like that sometimes.

Whenever I have these skeins, I list them here with a nice big juicy discount. Please treat them as one-of-a-kind and as a mystery skein too. You get to pick the base, but the colorway will depend on what Pippins are available when you order, so the colorway will be a surprise.