PIPPIN - Hand-Dyed Yarn that Did Something Unexpected

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In The Lord of the Rings, Pippin causes all sorts of trouble by doing unexpected things. He was the one who dropped a stone into the well in Moria. He was the one who looked in the Palantir and showed himself to Sauron.

I call yarn that behaves in an unexpected manner a Pippin. A Pippin is a skein of yarn just didn't turn out quite as expected. There's nothing wrong with the yarn itself, and it is often quite lovely--just unexpected. Just like the curious and fun-loving hobbit, yarn is like that sometimes.

This time around, the sparkle on most of the Sparkly Merino Sock skeins got dulled in the process of cooking the yarn, and the other skeins all have a splash of color where it shouldn't be--pink where it should be white or green where it should be yellow.

Whenever I have these skeins, I list them here with a nice big juicy discount. Please treat them as one-of-a-kind and as a mystery skein too. You get to pick the base, but the colorway will depend on what Pippins are available when you order, so the colorway will be a surprise.