METAMORPHOSIS SHAWL KIT with Peacock Feathers and Peacock Eyes

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I am so excited to share my new Metamorphosis Shawl kits with you! 

The kit includes all of the following:

  • Two skeins of Peacock Feathers on your choice of three yarn bases
  • Two skeins of Peacock Eyes on your choice of three yarn bases
  • The Metamorphosis Shawl pattern downloaded and printed

I'm including the pattern for free when you buy the kit!

About the Pattern

The Metamorphosis Shawl is a big triangular crescent that is large enough to curl up in but elegant enough to wear anywhere. I designed it with enough stitch variation to be interesting to knit and really lovely to wear, but there’s nothing too difficult for an advanced beginner here.

Needles and Notions
  • Size 5 US circular needles that are at least 36 inches in length. A longer set will make things easier in the final rows of the project. I used a 60-inch set.
  • Three stitch markers. One should be removable to mark the RS of the work

Gauge is not crucial, but aim for a fabric that is fairly solid but not stiff when knitting stockinette. My gauge was 5-6 stitches per inch and 6-7 rows per inch.


  • The shawl is 22" from top to bottom at the center, going all the way down to 1" at the edges.
  • The width at the top is 76".
  • The width at the bottom is 174", giving it a gently ruffled edge.

Techniques Used
Berry Bobbles (clearly explained)
Knit 2 together
Knit 2 together through the back loop
Knit front and back
Purl 2 together
Slip as if to purl
Yarn over

Right after you check out, you'll be given the option to download the pattern and to store the pattern in your Ravelry library as well if you wish. If you need a printed copy of the pattern as well, just let me know in the note to seller, and I'll send one along.

About the Yarn

The kit includes all four skeins that you will need for the project. You'll get two skeins of Peacock Feathers and two skeins of Peacock Eyes. I knit the project using Stained Glass Sock, but I'm also offering the yarn in Sock Perfection and Sparkly Merino Sock. I think it will look lovely in any of the three.

I created Peacock Feathers a few months back as an assigned pooling colorway using an actual peacock feather as the model. The background is a lichen color with brown and dark green, and the assigned pooling section has navy, sapphire blue, seafoam green, and brown.

I created Peacock Eyes to go with Peacock Feathers. It has all the same colors as the assigned pooling section of Peacock Feathers, so they truly are a match made in Heaven. 

The yarn for the kits is all dyed up and ready to ship!

 Alternative Colorways

If you would prefer a different colorway, you can certainly purchase the Metamorphosis Shawl pattern on its own here. You'll need 650 yards of a sock-weight assigned pooling colorway and 760 yards of a variegated or semi-solid colorway. If you choose a variegated colorway, I recommend a Splashed & Speckled type as opposed to a Block Variegated colorway. Not all of these are in stock at the moment, but here are some other colorway combinations to consider:

  • Crocuses in Snow + Eggplant
  • Emerald and Amethyst + Northern Lights
  • It's Complicated + Mithril
  • Agate and Emerald + Turquoise
  • Van Gogh's Starry Night + Sunflower
  • Van Gogh's Starry Night + Freedom Blue
  • Indian Jezebel Butterfly + Monarch Butterfly