LOTHLORIEN Luxury Art Batt for Spinners and Felters

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Sometimes inspiration for a new art batt or yarn strikes, and everything else just has to stop. That's what happened when the idea for these art batts struck me. I was thinking about the description of Lothlorien from The Fellowship of the Ring. It was a place at once ancient and new, beautiful and mournful, wild and civilized. That is what I tried to convey in these art batts.

They have several shades of green merino, green kid mohair locks for texture, silky bronze bamboo, and nutmeg brown merino, a bit of regal purple, soft gold muga silk, and the most incredibly soft undyed silver baby alpaca. I can't decide which is softer--the muga silk or the alpaca. I added a generous amount of gold angelina so the whole shimmers just like Lothlorien should.

The last photos show some yarn I spun from these art batts and a hat I made from the yarn.

Name: Lothlorien
Weight: 2 ounces
Contents: 50% merino, 25% alpaca, 10% muga silk, 10% bamboo, 5% kid mohair locks
Colors: Forest green, spring green, seafoam green, soft gold, bronze, silver, nutmeg brown, royal purple, gold
Carding Style: Layered in thin stripes
Uses: Spinning or Felting (80% feltable fiber)

Please allow 1 week for me to make these for you when you order them.

You can choose whether you would like sparkle in your art batts or not. If you choose sparkle, I will include sparkly Angelina and/or firestar that will coordinate with the colors.

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Customer Reviews

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I am so happy with the art batts from purple lamb. They are all sooo pretty. The shipping was fast and the amount of wool is very large!

Allison's Review

Much darker then I expected it to be, but I'm not upset! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!

Rachel Simmons
Rachel Simmons's Review

I will definitely be a repeat customer. The customer service was really spectacular and my shipment even came with a personal, handwritten note. This was all in addition to the beautiful art batts she made. Definitely a five-star experience.

Elke Isenberg
Elke Isenberg's Review

5 stars

Inactive Etsy Member
Inactive Etsy Member's Review

Beautiful, thank you for shipping so fast.