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DAPPLED THINGS on Sparkly Merino Sock - Assigned Pooling Colorway

DAPPLED THINGS on Sparkly Merino Sock - Assigned Pooling Colorway

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I named this colorway Dappled Things after Hopkins' poem, "Pied Beauty."

This is an assigned pooling colorway where the assigned color is a a beautiful royal blue, and the other three-quarters of the skein is a mixture of blue, lilac, violet, and purple. It would work well with any of Dawn Barker's assigned pooling patterns as well as my own.

I used my Sparkly Merino Sock base, which is made of 92% superwash merino and 8% sparkly lurex. It's a lovely base for shawls and cowls and hats.

Dappled Things on Sparkly Merino Sock
Literary Collection
Assigned Pooling Colorway
409 yards / 4 ounces / 4 plies
92% superwash merino / 8% lurex
Care: Machine or hand wash cold and air dry

Dappled Things would go beautifully with Freedom Blue, Regal, Lilac, Phantom of the Opera, and Burgundy Rose.

I included a photo of a sample knit by my friend Natalie using the floret stitch from Dawn Barker's Float shawl, and the second to last photo shows it knit in stockinette.

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I show multiple skeins of yarn in my photos so you can see the small differences between each one, but each skein is sold separately.

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