Art Batt of the Month Club - Inspired by Famous Paintings

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When you sign up for my Luxury Art Batt of the Month Club, you will receive a new colorway that I have created using a different famous painting as my inspiration each month. Which painting will it be this month? Something from the Renaissance? An impressionist painting? High medieval? Modern? You will have to wait and see! :-)

These colorways will be completely new each month, and they will be exclusively for club members until at least 6 months have passed.

This subscription club is for spinners who enjoy the adventure of something new to spin each month. The fiber "ingredients" will be different each month, but they will always include all soft luxury fibers such as merino, Polwarth, silk in all its glorious forms, baby alpaca, kid mohair locks, teeswater locks, and sparkly angelina or firestar.

Each art batt is 2 ounces of fluffy wonderfulness carded on my drum carder using my own unique method for making the fibers well blended yet bright and clear.

The deadline to sign up for the month is on the 1st of the month, so, for example, if you want to sign up in time for the February colorway, you'll need to sign up by the 1st of February. That's also the last date for cancelling for that month. When you initially sign up, your credit card will be charged on that day. Every month after that, it will be charged at the end of the month until you cancel or pause your subscription. I will create and ship your art batts by the 21st of the month.

The club is set up such that you can cancel it or pause it anytime you like by logging into your account. You're also welcome to switch from one club to a different one anytime you like. Just make sure to do it by the 1st of the month for that month's club colorway. If you have any questions or need help changing or cancelling your subscription, don't hesitate to contact me.

You are welcome to sign up for a subscription for 1, 2, or more art batts each month. If you sign up for more than one, each art batt will be made in the same colorway on the same month.

Are you a weaver as well as a spinner? I use the same famous painting as inspiration for the colorway for my yarn clubs as I do for the art batts each month. If you are like me and prefer to use millspun warp and handspun weft, you might consider getting a subscription to one of my yarn clubs for warp to go with the art batt club for weft. The yarn colorways and art batt colorways won't be exactly the same, but they are made to coordinate with each other.

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