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AU NATUREL Art Batt for Spinning and Felting

AU NATUREL Art Batt for Spinning and Felting

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These art batts are all about the texture and soft colors made by mother nature. I used all undyed fine fibers to make these, including organic polwarth, extra-fine merino, alpaca, camel down, muga silk, and mulberry silk.

The colors are white, cream, beige, gold, and silver. I did not include any sparkle in these.

The last photo shows a thick-and-thin singles yarn I spun from these art batts.

Name: Au Naturel
Weight: 2 ounces
Contents: 40% extra-fine merino, 30% organic polwarth, 10% muga silk, 10% mulberry silk, 5% alpaca, 5% camel down
Colors: White, cream, beige, gold, and silver
Carding Style: Layers of thin stripes carded once
Uses: Spinning or Felting (80% feltable fiber)

Please allow 1 week for me to make these for you when you order them.

You can choose whether you would like sparkle in your art batts or not. If you choose sparkle, I will include sparkly Angelina and/or firestar that will coordinate best with the colors.

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