Dyed to Order Yarn

This is the dyed-to-order section of my shop. Sometimes you see the perfect colorway for your project, but you need it on a different yarn base or you need more than I have in stock.

Here you can order as many skeins as I have available on the yarn base of your choice, and I will dye them just for you.

There is a separate listing for each yarn base. To order, first select the quantity of skeins that you need. Next, choose the colorway. Last, click the Add to Cart button that is located below all the colorway options. You can repeat this process for each yarn base and colorway that you want.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your me to dye your yarn, let it dry, and mail it off to you.

Every skein of hand-dyed yarn is unique even within the same dye batch, but it's best to order all the yarn for your project at the same time so they will be most similar.

You are welcome to order Dyed to Order yarn and Ready to Ship yarn or fiber at the same time. I will ship your whole order together once everything is ready.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.