THE LONG WAY ROUND - Assigned Pooling Knitting Pattern

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I fell in love with Dawn Barker’s assigned pooling patterns and decided I wanted to create one of my own that uses a stitch I especially enjoy—the double-elongated stitch. I named the pattern after the stitch because I often find myself taking the long way round to do things. Maybe you do too. ;-)

You’ll need one 100 gram skein of sport-weight yarn dyed for assigned pooling. That means that about one quarter of the skein is dyed in one color or combination of colors and the other three quarters of the skein is dyed in a distinctly different color or combination of colors. For this stitch, it’s okay if the assigned pooling color is all in one section or in two separate sections.

Needles and Notions

  • US Size 7 (4.5 mm) circular needles that are at least 36 inches (90 cm) in length
  • 1 removable stitch marker to mark the right side of the work
  • 2 additional stitch markers to mark the garter-stitch edges
  • A small scale that measures in grams, unless you use the simplified method at the end

Skills Needed/Glossary of Terms
This pattern is appropriate for an advanced beginner. You’ll need to be able to do (or learn to do) the following:
CO - Knit cast on
Double-elongated Stitch (instructions included)
K – Knit
K2tog through back loop – Knit 2 together through the back loop
P - Purl
PM - Place stitch marker
RS – Right side of the work
S1 - Slip 1 stitches with yarn in front as if to purl
SM - Slip marker
WS – Wrong side of the work
YO - Yarn-Over

The first many photos show the pattern on It's Complicated. The next couple photos show it on Crocuses in Snow. The next ones are on Fire and Ice, test knit by Shannon, and the last ones are on Blue Moon, test knit by Bethany.