UNICORN Hand-Dyed 18.5 Micron Superwash Merino Top

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I couldn't resist naming this yarn after that amazing legendary creature that has inhabited our imaginations since ancient times. In the Medieval era, unicorns were symbols of purity and grace in art and literature.

I started with a light shade of lilac and added Burgundy Rose, Turquoise, and a fantastic neutral shade to give it some complexity.

I dyed this top on extra soft 18.5 micron superwash merino. Just keep in mind that this won't felt, but it spins beautifully.

If you would like a spindle to go with your hand-dyed top, you can find them in the Tools and Equipment section of my shop.

Name:  Unicorn
Weight: 4 ounces
Contents: 100% superwash merino top - 18.5 micron
Colors: Rose, Turquoise, Lilac
Style: Repeating colors
Uses: Spinning

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