Undyed Silk Hankies/Mawata

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These silk hankies are ready for you to dye and spin. I have a tutorial on my blog for spinning them, and you can find a plethora of great videos on youtube for dyeing them. These make spinning lace-weight yarn so easy, and the color possibilities are endless. They can also be used in felting and paper-making projects.

The last photo shows some that I dyed.

Here's my blog post for spinning silk hankies: https://www.purplelambfiberarts.com/how-to-spin-silk-hankies-or-mawata/

You can also knit directly from them without spinning them.

Also, here's a great tutorial on Ashland Bay for using these in nuno felting: http://blog.ashlandbay.com/post/43416612565/felting-with-silk-hankies

I'm selling these by the ounce, which is the same as 28 grams. Each ounce includes somewhere between 30 and 40 individual hankies.

***IMPORTANT: Please note that these are not silk hankies to put in your pocket or blow your nose with. These are individual silk cocoons that are made to pull apart for spinners.***

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