Twelve Days of Christmas Yarn Set

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I am really excited to bring you this mini-skein set for the Twelve Days of Christmas!

It will make a fabulous gift for the yarn-lovers in your life, and it would also be a great way to step away from the busyness of the wonderful Christmas season and enjoy a little time to crochet or knit for yourself.

Each day starting with Christmas Day, you or the person you give it to will get to unwrap a beautiful little box containing a hand-dyed 20 gram mini skein. The boxes will be numbered for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Each 20 gram mini skein is 87 yards long, and I will be dyeing them as a gradient set of twelve minis in a combination of variegated and tonal colorways that are made to be used altogether. The minis are made of squishy soft 100% superwash merino, and the whole set of minis will come to 1044 yards and 240 grams. That is enough for a medium-sized shawl, poncho, or cropped sweater. These will NOT be Christmas colored just because I want you or the person you give the set to to be able to use the finished object all year long.

If you would like to make it even more special, you can choose to add a full-sized 100 gram skein made of my So Silky Sock yarn to give for Christmas Day, and then the minis will last through the Feast of Epiphany on January 6th. If you choose the full-sized skein too, then the whole set will come to 1481 yards of sock-weight yarn and 340 grams, which is enough for a bigger shawl, poncho, and many full-sized sweaters. The So Silky Sock yarn is an amazingly soft yarn made of 50% silk and 50% superwash merino.

If you opt to include the full-sized skein, you can choose from either Mithril, which is a light silver, or Annunciation Blue, which is a rich dark blue. Both of these will work beautifully as a background for the gradient minis or as contrasting stripes in a large shawl or poncho.

This set will work with a lot of different patterns, but I'll include a list of some great knit and crochet patterns that would work well for the set that includes the 12 minis and also the set including the 12 minis plus the full-sized tonal skein.

You can order through the end of November, and then I will be dyeing up all the orders and mailing them out by the 10th of December to make sure they arrive in time for Christmas. Because of the short timeline, I'm afraid I will have to limit these sets to others who live in The United States of America.

As I mentioned above, I will not be using traditional Christmas colors for these. I want you or the person you give it to to be able to use the shawl or poncho or sweater all the time and not just during the Christmas season. Instead, I will be dyeing the minis in a gradient that goes from purples to blues to a soft sea-foam green--colors that will look great all the time.

Please Note: If you would like to order more than one set to give to different people and you want me to send them them to different addresses, please order them separately so the address matches the order. If you want them all sent to your address, feel free to include more than one set in your order.

 Also, please let me know if you will be giving this as a gift or using it yourself. I won't include pricing information if it is a gift and you want me to mail it directly to the recipient.

As always, I'm happy to include a lavender felt ball or rosemary sprig with each set.

Also, I WILL be winding all the hanks into cakes for so you or the person you give the set to can just get started right away. If you DON'T want me to wind the yarn, please let me know.