THE PATHS OF THE DEAD on Sock Perfection - Lord of the Rings Colorway

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The Paths of the Dead is one of my Lord of the Rings colorways. It represents the part where Aragorn goes to ask the dead kings who had broken their oaths to fulfill those oaths and finally have rest. 

The colors are gray and gold for the dead kings, chocolate for the path, and purple for Aragorn. There are black speckles for the darkness of the path.

In spite of the sinister theme, this is a lovely mostly neutral colorway that would make a great sweater on its own or look wonderful with the other Lord of the Rings colorways.

I dyed this yarn using my Splashed and Speckled method, which means each skein contains the same colors but in different places, making each one unique. If you plan to use more than one skein in a project, I recommend switching skeins every few rows to create a more consistent look.

I dyed it on Sock Perfection, which is perfect for everything from socks to shawls to sweaters and beyond. It's made of 80% extra-soft superwash merino and 20% nylon.

The Paths of the Dead on Sock Perfection
Literary Collection
Splashed & Speckled Colorway
450 yards / 3.5 oz / 4 plies
80% extra-soft superwash merino / 20% nylon
Care: Machine or hand wash cold and air dry.

This colorway would look great with any of the following:
The Coronation of Aragorn
The Palantir

I knit a sample hat using The Paths of the Dead with The Coronation of Aragorn. You can see it in the last two photos.

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