SUNSET AT SEA Hand-Dyed Silk Chiffon Scarf - 8 x 54 inches

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Imagine the wind whipping through your hair as you sail through the sea, watching a brilliant sunset off the starboard side of your sailboat. That was what I had in mind when I dyed this colorway. It has brilliant oranges and light reds and deep purples.

Each scarf is unique--even more so than hand-dyed yarn.

These silk chiffon scarves measure 8 inches wide and 54 inches in length and can be worn in so many different ways. There are lots of great videos on youtube on different ways to style these.

They are also great to travel with too since they fold up to almost nothing and weight less than an ounce, and they make wonderful, unique gifts. Also, these can be used for nuno felting.

I recommend hand washing in cold water and hanging to dry. If you like it smooth and crisp, you can use an iron or a steamer to smooth out any wrinkles, though I don't find this necessary with silk chiffon.