STOPPING BY WOODS Bulky-Weight Handspun Yarn

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Stopping by Woods was inspired by the iconic Robert Frost poem of the same name. I think every American child learned that poem in school.

The predominant color is white with deep brown and gray for the woods and light blue merino for the sky. It was made with sparkles to denote the sparkles on the snow. The fibers are merino, Polwarth, alpaca, camel down, tussah silk, mint, mulberry silk, and muga silk. So much softness here!

Stopping by Woods
Bulky-Weight Yarn
Literary Collection
140 yards / 4.2 oz / 2 ply
29% merino, 25% Polwarth, 10% alpaca, 15% mulberry silk, 5% camel down, 5% tussah silk, 5% mint fiber, 5% muga silk, 1% angelina
Care: Hand wash cold and air dry

Each skein of handspun yarn is a unique creation. I have been spinning since 2003, and I love created handspun yarn that truly looks handspun with variation and extra features. This yarn is fantastic for knitting and for weaving. For knitting, I recommend going up a needle size or two in order to allow the extra space for the thicker parts. For weaving, I love using handspun as the weft. There's nothing like it!