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Is there an art batt colorway I offer that you would like me to spin for you? I would be happy to do so! Here's how it works:

    Put as many of the art batts as you would like me to spin in your cart. They come as 2-ounce batts, so it would take two of them to make a standard full-sized skein of between 3.5 and 4 ounces.

      After you choose your art batts, come here and choose the same number of this "spin my art batt" listing as you bought art batts. Choose the yarn weight you would like (worsted-weight, bulky, or super bulky) and the number of plies you would like (singles, 2-ply, or Navajo-plied 3-ply).

      Just to be absolutely clear, you will need to purchase both the art batt or art batts and this listing in the same quantity for me to spin them.

        Here's what you can expect in terms of yardage per art batt depending on what you choose:

        Worsted Weight Bulky Weight  Super Bulky Weight
        Singles 60-100 yards 40-60 yards 30-50 yards
        2-Ply not available 30-50 yards 20-30 yards
        not available not available 20-30 yards


        If you purchase 2 art batts in the same colorway, you can double the yardage listed above. If you purchase more than 2 art batts, I'll spin multiple skeins for you as my large bobbin can handle right about 4 ounces.

        The price listed for each option just includes the spinning service and not the cost of the art batt, which should be purchased at the same time.

        What will your handspun look like? Well, each skein is a unique creation. I like handspun yarn to look handspun, so my typical spinning style includes purposeful variation in thickness, and that variation will be heightened if you choose a 2-ply or chain-plied yarn. In case you aren't familiar with it, chain-plying (also known as Navajo-plying) basically means taking the yarn and making it into a chain on the spinning wheel, much like a crochet chain. It's time-consuming but makes a delightful 3-ply yarn and keeps the colors in the same order they were as singles.

        I've included some photos of different yarn I've spun to give you an idea. You can see other examples by searching for "handspun" on my website. Here's a list of names to go with the photos:

        Photo #2 West Fork in Autumn 2-ply

        Photo #3 Renaissance Festival Singles

        Photo #4 Sedona Singles

        Photo #5 English Country Dancing Singles

        Photo #6 Sailing in the Caribbean Singles

        Photo #7 Purple Iris Singles

        Photo #8 Purple Haze Chain-Plied

        Photo #9 Cherry Blossoms 2-ply

        If you have any questions about how this works, feel free to contact me.

        Please allow about 2 weeks for me to make your art batts and spin your yarn before mailing it to you.