SOCKS FOR HIM Self-Striping Sock Blanks

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The majority of my shop tends to have a more feminine flair, so I'm always happy when I can make something for the men in our lives. Socks made from this blank would make a lovely gift for your hubby or boyfriend.

The colors are forest green, dark gray, and blue, and each half of the blank repeats the same pattern with the colors going from longer/thicker to narrower from one end to the other. It won't be exact row to row, but depending on whether you use a top-down or toes-up sock pattern, you'll have wider stripes at the top or bottom and narrower stripes at the opposite end of your socks.

If you have never used a sock blank to knit from, you are in for a treat. You get the fun of watching the design and the colors go by in a totally new way as you knit from it. 

Oh, and by the way, there's nothing in the world saying you can only make socks from sock blanks. These are single blanks made of 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon fingering-weight yarn, and you can use them for anything you would use sock-weight yarn for.

How do you use a sock blank? Some people like to unravel the whole thing at once and then work from a normal ball of yarn. However, I think it's more fun to just unravel it as you go so you can enjoy the color changes and just set the whole thing on your lap. You start at one side and just keep unraveling as you go. The yarn will be curly, but that's okay. It will block out just fine.

The last photo shows me holding a different sock blank I dyed so you can see the shape of the thing.

Name: Socks for Him
Yarn Weight: Sock/Fingering Weight
Yards per Pound: 1736
Wraps per Inch: 21
Length in Yards: 435
Ounces/Grams: 4 ounces/115 grams
Plies: 4
Rec'd Needle Size: 0-3 US
Rec'd Hook Size: B-1 to E-4
Gauge: 7 stitches per inch
Contents: 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon
Colors: Forest Green, Dark Gray, Royal Blue
Instructions: Can be washed by hand (preferred) or in washing machine on cold. Please air dry.

Each sock blank is hand painted by me with loving care, washed well, wrapped in tissue paper inside a sturdy box, and shipped promptly. It makes a great presentation if you are giving it as a gift to your favorite fiber artist--even if that happens to be you!

Also, as a token of my appreciation, I am including your choice of either a sprig of fresh rosemary from my organic garden or a handmade felt ball infused with essential lavender oil with your order. Both of these smell wonderful and are natural moth deterrents. Please let me know which one you would prefer when you check out.

Happy fiber artistry!