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Imagine spending a lovely day in the dappled sunshine of a forest near Flagstaff.  As you speed through a forest path on your sled, you notice the green of the pine trees, the rich brown of their trunks, the white of the snow beneath you, and the lavender cast of shadows beneath the trees.  Just such a day inspired me to make these art batts.

These have amazing texture between the soft merino, the smooth silk, the bouncy polwarth, the soft alpaca, and the crinkly, curly kid mohair locks. These will be so much fun to spin as a true art yarn and then knit or weave into something wonderful. Whatever you decide to make with these art batts, they're sure to create quite a stir!

Name: Sledding in Flagstaff
Weight: 2 ounces
Contents: 44% merino, 25% organic polwarth, 10% mulberry silk, 10% kid mohair, 5% sari silk, 5% baby alpaca, 1% firestar
Colors: Green, Brown, Eggplant, Off-White, Bright White, Gray, Multi-Colored Sari Silk
Carding Style: Multiple layers of thin stripes
Uses: Spinning or Felting (84% feltable fibers)

Please allow 3 business days for me to make these for you once you order them.

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