SARGASSO SEA Bulky-Weight Handspun Yarn

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The Sargasso Sea is a region of the North Atlantic. It is unique in all the world in that its boundaries include no land. Instead, it is bordered on all sides by different currents. There is lots of algae and seaweed and a huge variety of marine life. The colors include several shades of blues and greens, lilac, white, silver, and bronze.

The fibers in this thick-and-thin two-ply yarn include merino, baby alpaca, bamboo, eri silk, and mulberry silk.

Sargasso Sea
Bulky-Weight Yarn
Landscape Collection
113 yards / 4.4 oz / 2 ply
70% merino top, 20% bamboo, 5% mulberry silk, and 5% baby alpaca
Care: Hand wash cold and air dry

Each skein of handspun yarn is a unique creation. I have been spinning since 2003, and I love created handspun yarn that truly looks handspun with variation and extra features. This yarn is fantastic for knitting and for weaving. For knitting, I recommend going up a needle size or two in order to allow the extra space for the thicker parts. For weaving, I love using handspun as the weft. There's nothing like it!