ROSE GARDEN Spinning Fiber Batts

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I was so excited to get some bright red bamboo fiber that I could hardly wait to use it! I designed these art batts made of half bamboo, lots of soft 21 micron merino, some tussah silk, and a little bit of shimmery angelina as well.

These would NOT be good for felting because there isn't enough wool, but they are lovely to spin. I recommend spinning them fairly fine and then plying them if you want a thicker yarn. It's so much fun to spin yarn with bamboo as the bamboo is (can I say this?) silkier than silk in some ways.

Don't these look like a beautiful rose garden filled with red and pink roses? In fact, my inspiration came from the roses in my own backyard.

Name: Rose Garden
Weight: 2 ounces each
Fibers: 50% bamboo, 39% merino top, 10% tussah silk, and 1% angelina
Colors: Rose Red, garden green, chartreuse, pink, white, pink shimmer
Carding Style: Carded once in thin stripes
Uses: Spinning (only 39% feltable fibers)

Please allow 3 business days for me to make these once you order them.

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