MISTY MOUNTAINS Hand-Dyed Organic Polwarth Top

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I dyed this soft organic Polwarth in my Misty Mountains colorway, which was inspired by The Hobbit. I designed it to look like mountains seen from a great distance. There are so many different subtle colors in this including lilac, blue, sea foam, burgundy rose, and eggplant.

Polwarth is one of the fibers I recommend to new spinners because it's almost as soft as merino, but it has a longer staple length, which makes it easier to spin.

If you would like a spindle to go with your hand-dyed top, you can find them in the Tools and Equipment section of my shop.


Name: Misty Mountains
Weight: 4 ounces
Contents: 100% organic Polwarth top
Colors: Lilac, blue, sea foam, burgundy rose, and eggplant
Style: Repeating colorway
Uses: Spinning or Felting

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