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MARDI GRAS Hand-Dyed Organic Polwarth Top - An Experiment in Assigned Pooling Top

MARDI GRAS Hand-Dyed Organic Polwarth Top - An Experiment in Assigned Pooling Top

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Mardi Gras is named after the celebration in New Orleans. I dyed it several shades of purple plus a bright chartreuse at the end. I was thinking of this as a fun experiment. There's assigned pooling yarn, but I've never heard of assigned pooling top. 

If I wanted to spin this for an assigned pooling project, here is what I would do:

  1. Divide the top lengthwise in quarters.
  2. Spin it end to end at a lace or fingering weight or as light a weight as you can spin consistently.
  3. Chain ply it so as to keep the colors nicely divided.
  4. Soak it in cool water and then let it dry.
  5. Knit it using an assigned pooling pattern like The Long Way Round, adjusting the needle size to match the yarn.

I dyed Mardi Gras on soft organic Polwarth. Polwarth is one of the fibers I recommend to new spinners because it's almost as soft as merino, but it has a longer staple length, which makes it easier to spin.


Name: Mardi Gras
Weight: 4 ounces
Contents: 100% organic Polwarth top
Colors: Purples and Chartreuse
Style: Assigned Pooling Colorway
Uses: Spinning or Felting

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