Hand-Dyed Purple Gotland Locks

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When I had a booth at a wool festival this summer, I had the opportunity to buy some beautiful Gotland locks from the person who raises the sheep. She was even kind enough to hand select softer locks in good lock formation for me.

Gotland Sheep are originally from Sweden, and they are known for their curly, lustrous locks.

The original color has wonderful variation, ranging from a very light gray to almost black, so when I dyed these in several shades of purple, the variation shows up beautifully. I actually made three different colorways and blended them together, so there are about 9 different shades of purple in these.

The micron count for Gotland is listed as being between 27 and 33. I would make an educated guess that these are closer to 27 than 33, but even so they are not necessarily next-to-skin soft. They would make fabulous doll hair or art yarn for a wall hanging or other art weaving project.

These have been washed and have a very minimal amount of VM.

I'm selling these by the ounce. The last photo shows one ounce in my son's hands. He's thirteen, so as you can see one ounce is a nice handful.

Your locks will be shipped to you in a lovely organza drawstring bag to prevent them from getting dusty until you are ready to use them. There will also be a label to let you know what it's made of for future reference.

Also, as a token of my appreciation, I would be happy to include your choice of either a sprig of fresh rosemary from my organic garden or a handmade felt ball infused with essential lavender oil with your order. Both of these smell wonderful and are natural moth deterrents. If you would like one, just let me know when you check out.

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Happy fiber artistry!