Extra Club Colorways for Active Club Members

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Sometimes you receive the month's club colorway and decide you would like more for a bigger project.

If you are a current club member and would like additional skeins or art batts from the previous month, you can order them here.

To be fair to all club members, you have to be an active club member for that month's yarn or art batts. So long as you are, though, you are welcome to order extra skeins of the same yarn base or a different one.

Just choose your yarn base or art batt and let me know which month's colorway you want in the note to seller. Please mention the name of the artist and painting as well just to cross-confirm.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to dye these for you and send them off. If it's close to the time when I'll be shipping out your next month's club colorway, I can send them together and refund any extra shipping costs.

One more thing--even though I use the same dyes and keep track of my "ingredients" and "recipes," no two skeins are ever exactly the same, and that is even more true when the yarn is made in a separate batch. Your yarn will likely be similar, but it will not be identical.

If you are planning to use the new skeins and the old one in the same project, I recommend switching skeins every few rows so that they will meld together better.