EOWYN'S MANTLE on Sock Perfection

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"...Lady Eowyn wore a great blue mantle of the colour of deep summer-night, and it was set with silver stars about hem and throat."
                     ---The Return of the King by Tolkien

This is a colorway I have been wanting to dye for a long time. I dyed it using my Ikat method. First I dyed the majority of the skein a soft tonal navy color, and then I added thin stripes of alternating silver and gold. The gold was artistic license on my part, but I thought it was a reasonable addition to the description of the cloak given to Eowyn by  Faramir.

If you knit or crochet with it, you'll get little dots or stars of gold and silver in the field of dark blue. If you weave with it, you'll get short stripes of gold and silver.

This particular batch came out with more of a heathered look than usual as you can see from the photos.

Eowyn's Mantle on Sock Perfection
Literary Collection
450 yards / 3.5 ounces / 4 plies
80% extra-soft superwash merino wool / 20% nylon
Care: Machine or hand wash cold and air dry

Eowyn's Mantle would look lovely with Mithril or Alchemy.

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