EMMA Indie-Dyed Lace-Weight Yarn - Jane Austen Collection

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I'm so very happy to bring you this collection that combines a beautiful, silky soft yarn base with the wonderful heroines from Jane Austen's inimitable novels.

This colorway was inspired by Emma, the main character in the book by the same name. Emma is self-confident, sure of her place in society, and indifferent to the idea of marriage until she realizes she is in love with the man she has known and admired for years. Her major flaw is her desire to arrange the lives of others according to her own understanding. Her colorway contains yellow for her forthrightness and cheery disposition, blue for loyalty to her father and friends, mint green for hope, and soft pink for the romance she finds unexpectedly.

I chose a slightly heavier lace-weight yarn for this. It is made of soft merino, silk, and sparkly stellina. The sparkle is definitely there but fairly subtle. This is not a superwash yarn, but honestly, any open lacework project would need to be washed by hand anyway, right?

I made eight different character colorways based on the personalities of the characters, and each colorway can be used with every other colorway to make whatever amazing lace project you can think of. I dyed each yarn in multiple layers, which creates a rather amazing glow and richness that can only be achieved by layering dyes. This is a time-consuming process but so very worth it for the result.

The last photo shows all the colorways in the collection. You can see the whole collection here.

Name: Emma Woodhouse
Collection: Jane Austen
Yarn Base: Silky Sparkly Lace
Yarn Weight: Lace
Length in Yards: 875
Ounces/Grams: 3.5 oz/100 g
Plies: 2
Contents: 75% merino wool, 20% silk, 5% stellina
Colors: Soft Pink, Bright Pink, Sunflower Yellow, Gray, Lilac
Instructions: Wash by hand and air dry flat. 

Each skein of yarn is spun or dyed by me with loving care and contains a label with the yarn facts shown above. Your yarn is wrapped in tissue paper and shipped promptly, making a great presentation if you are giving it as a gift to your favorite fiber artist--even if that happens to be you!
As a token of my appreciation, I would be happy to include your choice of either a sprig of fresh rosemary from my organic garden or a handmade felt ball infused with essential lavender oil with your order. Both of these smell wonderful and are natural moth deterrents. Just let me know if you would like one and which one you would prefer in the note to seller when you check out.
Happy fiber artistry!