CAROUSEL HORSE Hand-Dyed Yarn on Sock Perfection

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This new colorway is very special to me. It was inspired by a stained glass window my mom made and that I have. I basically grew up in my parents' downtown stained glass shop. I'd go there every day after school and spend most days in the summer there. I knew the lady who ran the drug store a few doors down and the folks who ran the fantastic hamburger joint a few doors in the other direction.

My dad was a naval captain, and they started their award-winning stained glass business after he retired from the Navy. I never really even thought about the relationship between my small artisan business and theirs until recently, but I'm so grateful to them for pursuing their dreams so I could see an example of that and emulate it. Both my parents passed away before they got to see what I'm doing now, but I hope they are as happy to see me pursuing my artisan dreams as I am to think back on them doing the same thing.

I dyed Carousel Horse in stripes of red, fuchsia, lilac, blue, eggplant, and yellow. Over all that I laid on thin stripes of black to emulate the stained glass window.

I dyed it on Sock Perfection, which is perfect for everything from socks to shawls to sweaters and beyond. It's made of extra-soft superwash merino and nylon.

Carousel Horse on Sock Perfection
Creative Collection
450 yards / 3.5 oz / 4 plies
80% extra-soft superwash merino / 20% nylon
Care: Machine or hand wash cold and air dry.

Carousel Horse would look great with Blue Sky, Lilac, and Marigold to name a few.

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