BLUE JEANS AND AMETHYSTS Hand-Dyed Yarn on Stained Glass Sock

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You put on your favorite pair of faded blue jeans and start to head out the door. On the table right by the door is your favorite necklace made of beautiful amethysts in all their different shades. On a whim, you add it to the outfit. You wouldn't think they'd go together, but the casual elegance of the two together are just what you're looking for.

Blue Jeans and Amethysts has blue, magenta, and lilac--all the same colors as A Little Princess but in different proportions.

I dyed it on Stained Glass Sock, which is a soft and squishy 2-ply yarn made of 100% superwash merino. The thing that makes Stained Glass Sock uniquely wonderful is that one of the two plies is made of black merino wool, so when I dye the yarn, it looks like stained glass. Each 100 gram skein has 437 yards.

Blue Jeans and Amethysts on Stained Glass Sock
Creative Collection
437 yards / 3.5 oz / 2 plies
100% superwash merino
Care: Machine or hand wash cold and air dry.

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