Yarn Pairings - 7-Skein Sets

Yarn Pairings are carefully curated sets of yarn colorways that look great together. I have the yarn pairings sorted by the number of skeins. On this page you can see 7-skein sets.

The links lead to the colorway on all the different bases so you can see what's in stock. If a colorway and/or base you would like is sold out, just go to the Dyed to Order Collection so I can dye it up just for you.


Afremov's Farewell to Anger, Monarch Butterfly, Forest Floor, Autumn Leaves, The Winedark Sea, Sleepy Hollow, and Aubergine shown on Sock Perfection


Call Me Ishmael, Nebula, Seashell, Ochre, Sapphire Dreams, The Hands of the King, and Starlight shown on Sparkly Merino Sock

 Party Like It's 2021, Paris, A Little Princess, After the Rain, Sapphire Dreams, Beautiful Universe, and Enchanted Forest shown on Squiggle Sock