SAPPHIRE AND KUNZITE on Squoosh DK - Assigned Pooling Colorway

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Sapphire and Kunzite is part of my new gemstone collection. It's a collection of assigned pooling colorways that look great on their own but also look great with a variety of my variegated and semi-solid colorways.

You can use these colorways for...

  • Regular knit, crochet, and weaving projects of any sort
  • Assigned pooling patterns like Dawn Barker's amazing patterns and my own The Long Way Round pattern where you do something different when you get to the assigned color.
  • Combining with variegated and semi-solid colorways to create something amazing. You can see a list of yarn pairings below to see what colorways look great with this one.

I dyed this yarn on Squoosh DK, which is an incredibly soft and squishy yarn base made of 100% extra-soft superwash merino.

Sapphire and Kunzite on Squoosh DK
Gemstone Collection
Assigned Pooling Colorway
250 yards / 4 ounces / 4 plies
100% Extra-Fine Superwash Merino
Care: Machine or hand wash cold and air dry.

Sapphire and Kunzite would go beautifully with any of the following colorways:
A Little Princess
After the Rain
Beautiful Universe
Dappled Things
Freedom Blue
Monet's Water Lilies
Northern Lights
Party Like It's 2024

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