BRIDAL BOUQUET Art Batts to Spin

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Bridal Bouquet is a beautiful, elegant colorway with lots of lovely silk. The colors are spring green, deep magenta, eggplant, brown, beige, and white along with sparkly gold angelina. This will be so soft since it's made of 35% mulberry silk along with soft alpaca and camel down and lovely merino.

Name: Bridal Bouquet
Weight: 2 ounces
Contents: 49% merino, 35% mulberry silk, 10% baby alpaca, 5% camel down, 1% angelina
Colors: Spring green, dark mulberry, brown, beige, white, gold
Carding Style: Layers of thin stripes carded once
Uses: Spinning (only 64% feltable fibers)

Please allow 1-3 business days for me to make these for you when you order them.

Also, as a token of my appreciation, I would be happy to include your choice of either a sprig of fresh rosemary from my organic garden or a handmade felt ball infused with essential lavender oil with your order.  Both of these smell wonderful and are natural moth deterrents. Just let me know if you would like one and which one you would prefer in the note to seller when you check out.

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Happy fiber artistry!



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