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Sometimes you see the perfect colorway for your project, but you need it on a different yarn base. Other times you find the perfect yarn colorway, but you need more than I have in stock.

Here you can order as many skeins as you like, and I will dye them up just for you. Select a colorway, choose the number of skeins you want, and add to cart. You can certainly select more than one colorway, but you will need to add each colorway to your cart one at a time.

Minimum Quantity
I do ask that you order at least 2 skeins of any colorway for the dyed to order section of my shop please.

Sock Perfection
I spent a long time looking for the perfect yarn base for actual socks! It is a fingering weight that combines 80% extra-fine 19.5 micron superwash merino with 20% nylon. It's a good solid 4-ply yarn that comes in 100 gram skeins with 450 yards per skein. It can be machine washed on cold and air dried. It tends to take the dye rather brightly. It's great for knitting, crochet, and warp and weft in Weaving. It's great for socks, shawls, sweaters, etc.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to dye the yarn for you, allow it to dry, and ship it to you. If you order other yarn or fiber that is ready to ship at the same time, I will ship your whole order together. If you would prefer to have the ready-to-ship items sooner, please order them separately.

You can see photos of all the colorways available by searching for the colorway name in the search bar at the top left of my website. If the colorway has an AP after it, that means it is an assigned pooling colorway.

A Note about Hand-Dyed Yarn
Please keep in mind that every skein will look a little different even within the same batch. Those variations in color are in my opinion part of the joy of hand-dyed yarn. Nonetheless, it is best to order all that you'll need for your project at the same time since the yarn dyed all at once will look most similar.