RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL Super Bulky Chain-Plied Handspun Yarn

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I spun Renaissance Festival from some lovely BFL top. Then I chain-plied, so it's a super strong and well-balanced three-ply yarn that's ready for anything, including warp.

Renaissance Festival
Super Bulky Yarn
Creative Collection
80 yards / 4.4 oz / 3 ply
100% BFL
Care: Hand wash cold and air dry

Each skein of handspun yarn is a unique creation. I have been spinning since 2003, and I love created handspun yarn that truly looks handspun with variation and extra features. This yarn is fantastic for knitting and for weaving. For knitting, I recommend going up a needle size or two in order to allow the extra space for the thicker parts. For weaving, I love using handspun as the weft. There's nothing like it!