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GIFT OF THE MAGI Art Batts for Spinning and Felting

GIFT OF THE MAGI Art Batts for Spinning and Felting

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These art batts for spinning or felting contain all the softest fibers including merino top, mulberry silk, kid mohair locks, sari silk, and a generous amount of firestar and angelina for lots of shimmer. The kid mohair locks add texture to all the other smooth fibers but are still very soft.

I carded these in multiple layers of thin stripes, which means that you have the option of short color repeats depending on how you want to spin them.

The last photo shows a bulky singles I spun from these art batts.

Name: Gift of the Magi
Weight: 2 ounces
Contents: 80% merino top, 10% muga silk, 5% kid mohair locks, 5% sari silk
Colors: magenta, peachy-pink, reddish orange, dark green, sunny yellow, copper, gold, pomegranate, multiple colors from the sari silk
Carding Style: Layers of thin stripes carded once
Uses: Spinning or Felting (85% feltable materials)

Please allow 1 week for me to make these for you when you order them.

You can choose whether you would like sparkle in your art batts or not. If you choose sparkle, I will include sparkly Angelina and/or firestar that will coordinate best with the colors.

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