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I am so excited to bring you my 2021 Fiber Advent Calendar for spinners!

I don't want to give away too much about the colorways because the surprise is part of the fun, but I will tell you that they will be colors you can wear all year long and not Christmas colors.

Your kit will include 24 individually wrapped boxes of soft, luxury fiber. Each box will be numbered, and the idea is to open one box each day and spin it up starting on December 1st and ending on Christmas Eve.

I'll be including a small gift for Christmas Day.

I'll be using a variety of soft, luxury fibers, including merino, Polwarth, BFL, and silk blends. That means you'll have the fun of spinning different colorways and different soft textures too.

Most days, the box will contain half an ounce of hand-dyed top, but I will also be including a few days of fun add-ins like sparkles, locks, and more. For those days, you can save the add-ins to add when and where you see fit as you spin.

The colors will blend well from one day to the next, so you can just add the next colorway to the last on your spindle or spinning wheel as you go. At the end you'll be able to ply the colorways any way you like.


I will only be shipping this to Canada and within The United States this year. My apologies to the rest of the world!

If you live inside The United States, I will be shipping your Yarn Advent Calendar on or before November 20th, and the last date to order will be November 1st.

If you live in Canada, I will be shipping your Fiber Advent Calendar on or before October 20th, and the last date to order will be October 1st. If you live in Canada and order after October 1st, I will still make the kit for you, but your kit may not arrive by December 1st.

I would be grateful if you would order your Advent Calendar by itself. The box is quite full with just the kit, so please order other items separately.